Scheduled reading of messages from rabbitMQ queue

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I am new to n8n platform. I have recently started exploring & learning n8n platform (v 0.213.0). I am running it via docker.

I would like to know if there is a way to read from rabbitMQ queue at some specific time interval (e.g. read queue hourly or may be every 30 mins)?

I know we can use rabbitMQ trigger to read messages from queue however the trigger in question executes instantly as soon as one or more messages hit the queue whereas I want that trigger (or workflow) to run at scheduled interval only (e.g. hourly), instead of running immediately (when very first message hits the queue)

I tried to combine trigger schedule & rabbitMQ trigger in one single workflow (using merge node with configuration to wait for both inputs) but it is not helping me out as either of the trigger will execute the workflow and the other trigger won’t get executed.

For example if schedule trigger is waiting for its turn to execute and any message hits the queue meanwhile then rabbitMQ trigger will execute workflow and schedule trigger won’t be of any help in this scenario

I would appreciate if anyone in community can guide me how can I read rabbitMQ in scheduled mode (at some specific time interval or delay)?


Hey @mahmed11,

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That is a good spot, I can’t find a node that just gets everything from MQ (Rabbit or others). Sounds like it would be a good node to add in the future.

I don’t even have a workaround for this one at the moment but I will create a feature request internally to get something added in the future.

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You can temporary write the data to another destination and then at a given time read all data from it and then delete. That could for example be a file, Google Sheet, Redis…

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