Seeking Collaboration on n8n Projects for Chatbot Development


I have experience solely as a web developer, and I’m interested in contributing to projects using n8n. One use case I’d like to explore is the creation of chatbots on WhatsApp or Instagram.

I’m curious if anyone here specializes in this area. I came across a post from August 2020 stating that n8n wasn’t really designed for this purpose. Is this still the case?

Has anyone undertaken a similar project, and if so, what technologies did you use?

P.S. If you’re looking to form a team, I’m open to all projects and am willing to work as an intern to familiarize myself with the technology.

Thank you!

Hey @Wil_WilOnWeb,

We have a few users using n8n for chatbots in Telegram, Slack and who knows where else. With the new LangChain nodes there are fancier looking bots being created that are pretty smart.

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