Seeking Project Ideas and Collaboration Opportunities Using n8n

Hello n8n Community!

I’m relatively new to n8n and a junior JavaScript developer. I’m on the lookout for exciting project ideas that could help me land my first job in the tech industry.

If any kind soul here has suggestions or ideas for projects that utilize n8n, I’d be extremely grateful to hear about them.

Also, I’m an aspiring entrepreneur from France. If there are any entrepreneurs here who use n8n and are interested in exploring business opportunities in France, I’m open to collaborating and helping to promote your business in the French market.

Looking forward to your ideas and any potential collaboration!

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Hi @Wil_WilOnWeb, welcome to the community!

It might be worth keeping a close eye on the Jobs category here on the forum, which does have projects popping up every now and then. Also, consider signing up for n8n’s expert program once you get the hang of things, so our sales team can match you with customers looking for professional assistance with building their workflows:

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