Selecting and Deleting a Mautic Contact, based on email addres

Hi all,

I was experimenting with the Mautic integration and it works pretty well. However I ran into something I don’t know how to do.

I would like to find a contact in Mautic, based on a provided email addres. Then I want to delete that contact .

I know there’s a delete contact option in the integration. However, it asks me for a contact ID (which I don’t have, because I only have the email).

Anybody have an idea of where to start and what to do, in order to make this possible?


HubSpot have the pretty same behaviour.
Your primary key is the ID and not the email.
I would suggest to pull your entire contacts lists with two properties : ID and email → if needed use an if node to isolate only your desired contact(s) and delete them afterward

A data sample could help us, never worked with Mautic node before :slight_smile:

Yes … I know that it’s best to start with the user ID, but that brings in some complications. Let’ say you want to unsub sombody based on the email addres they enter.

In that case the input is not the user ID, but the email. So I’ll have to lookup which one is linkedin to the ID and then delete based on that ID.

I came to the conclusions it might be easier to just do this internally within mautic.

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