Self-Host Hardware Requirements


Are there any minimum suggested hardware requirements for self-hosted solution?

I’m asking this because I’ve experienced MySQL DB memory issue. When freeable memory was decreased below 100M, I had to increase memory to 8GB because freeable memory didn’t increase although I’ve deactivated the workflows. Do you have any comment about that?

It would be great if we have a minimum suggested requirements for self-hosted solution. I know that most of them are dependent with usage volume, however some of them might be defined.


Hey @samaritan,

You have nailed it there, So because it all depends on usage there isn’t really any proper answer for this one. You would need to make sure you have at least the minimum resources for the OS and other applications you are running though. I would say if MySQL is hitting a memory issue that is likely to be unrelated to n8n itself so it could be worth monitoring the processes and seeing what sort of load you are getting.

As a rough example I was running n8n on a Pi with 4GB of memory using the SQLite database with data pruning enabled and that was running for about 6 - 8 months with maybe 150 / 200 scheduled executions a day and around 100 workflows with about 15 active. I was also using that instance to test issues and answer questions from the community here as well.