Self-host sever : All workflows are gone

I deployed an n8n server (self-host) on an amazon server a few months ago. And this weekend to my great surprise all the data on our server disappeared. As you can see on these screens there is no trace of the old workflow etc… Has anyone experienced the same issue?

Hey @Clarence,

I have seen a few reports of this one happening but have never experienced it myself, How do you have n8n running / deployed and what did you do to upgrade it?

We deployed n8n with Amazon lightsail container as a docker method which we installed on an amazon server. However we have not updated since it was installed. It seems that this weekend the docker updated itself. And reintiallised itself at the same time.

I wonder if Lightsail does anything different with containers or the data that is kept in /root/.n8n like the sqlite database.

I suspect what is happening is lightsail clears the /root/n8n folder when docker or a container is updated and that is messing it up.

Never used AWS lightsail but It looks like that service does not support persistent volumes (according to the link below). I would guess you need to use a database (Postgres, MySQL, etc) for storage instead of the default sqlite (on-disk database)

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That is a good find and it fits in with what I was thinking which is neat.

I think this may be part of the answer, thank you for your help.