Self Hosted Whatsapp message latency

Hi n8n community,

I have just installed n8n as self hosted and tried to send whatsapp template message, it takes exactly between 45 seconds and 1 minute to send.

Is there any way to reduce it.

After i have set EXECUTIONS_PROCESS to main I used docker compose stop and docker compose up -d. As far as I know it should have worked, just trying to give a maximum of details.

when i send it using graph api it is sent instantly.

Thank you for your help and so glad to be part of this :slight_smile:

Information on your n8n setup

any hint please ?

Did your n8n domain has https:// ?

Hey @youssef_Cm,

Welcome to the community :cake:

There are a number of possible things that could be happening, I suspect the issue is not related to your n8n configuration and could instead just be that the WhatsApp API is just a bit slow at times. How quickly are you expecting this to be and have you tried sending a message using something like Curl from the docker host to see how long that takes?

Hi huuich
Thank you for your answer, yes my subdomain is https.

Hi Jon,
Thank you for your answer and the warm welcome, i have just discovered n8n it’s just waw.
Yes I have just tried to connect to my docker and send a template message using curl, it is instantaneous, I have also tried to call a php file containing the curl command same result.
So I am really lost :frowning:

That is interesting, How are you testing it in n8n? Are you running the workflow in the UI or is it an active workflow being called with a webhook or similar?

Hi Jon, yes I am running it in the UI.
Thank you

Hi, I have also tried to send a normal message, not a template one, it is received in less than a second.
I have also noticed that when I send a template I get at the end of the displayed after the wamid:
message_status : accepted
For normal message I get only the wamid
Can anybody test please how much time it takes to send template.
Thanks a lot

Hey @youssef_Cm,

When it says accepted it means WhatsApp has the message and is preparing it, how long it takes from there depends on WhatsApp really and I don’t think there is anything you can do to speed that up.

When you did your test outside of n8n was that also with a template?

Hey @Jon,
Allow me to be more precise, I sent the exact same template, using curl in terminal in my mac, using curl in terminal in my server, using curl in terminal inside n8n docker, using http request to php file in my server, using import curl function in http request workflow in n8n, all are instantaneous.
The only one that takes 1 minutes to be received is one sent via integration.
It would be very nice if anybody can send a template message from n8n self hosted using the integration, and let me know how much time it took it to arrive, it would help very much to orient my investigation.
Thank you guys for the amazing work and for your help.

Hey @youssef_Cm,

One last question, is the delay after you see the id in n8n or is the delay with the node actually running? That will tell us if the delay is outside of n8n or possible inside of n8n.

Hello @Jon
Thank you for keeping up the effort to help me.
I see the id instantaneously, I receive the message in my device after one minute.
I know it looks like that the delay comes from whatsapp side, but I am sure if I contact meta support, first question will be if I try to send using curl, I would answer yes, and they would say then it’s fine in our side.
Please can anyone tell me how much time it take for him to receive a whatsapp template using whatsapp cloud api integration in self hosted n8n.
Thank you very much for your help, much appreciated, I hope I will be able to help other too very soon.
Best regards

Hey @youssef_Cm,

If you are getting the ID instantly then at that point n8n is no longer involved, When we make the request we will give you whatever WhatsApp responds with and from that point it will be down to Meta’s systems.

I have done a quick search and it looks like this appears to be an issue a lot of WhatsApp users are facing with no solution from Meta: Bei Facebook anmelden

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