Self hosting - is a hosting provider with nodeJS sufficient?

I recently stumbled across n8n and am interested in learning it. I’d like to deploy the self hosted version to do so. In reviewing the documentation I see the npm and docker options, but I’m wondering about hosting with providers that have cpanel nodeJS packages? Is in installing nodeJS in a web hosting account sufficient to deploy/install n8n over the top of? I’ve already got several “standard” web hosting accounts (not container or VPS hosting) and would like to use one those if possible. Definitely not looking to build something production worthy. Just a web accessible n8n sandbox to learn and build a few things. Ideally I’d like to not add another monthly subscription cost to those I’ve already got! :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

Welcome to the community @nth !

Sorry, but with standard web hosting accounts you will not have any luck running n8n. You would need some kind of virtual servers from companies like Digital Ocean, Vultr, AWS, …

Anyway if you just want to play around a little bit, you can also run it on your local machine directly.

Thanks @jan!

I suspected that but wanted to confirm. Yep I can spin up a local copy, but would have preferred to create a sandbox out on the web instead.

I do see there are some providers (like Google Cloud Run) that will host a docker container for free up to a certain number of CPU/Memory cycles per month. I may see if the kind of learning activities I want to do fit in to their free tier.

Don’t forget that n8n’s own cloud solution has a free month/30 day test period which you can cancel at any time.

I’m testing with it now to assess n8n and it’s very good.

Also consider that it works off workflow executions and you get something like 5k in the first package tier which should definitely be enough for most users (although I cant recall if there’s a cap on the number of workflows but I’m sure theres enough anyway).

Also, I’m sure it’s possible for you to download any of your workflows to a json file that can then be easily ported to any other n8n hosted instance should you decide that youd prefer to self host etc.

I’d definitely recommend it as it let’s you understand the system and assess if it works for you before you have to mess around with a possibly complicated install (depending on your server admin skills of couse).


@spessex Thanks!

@nth Makes sense. Regarding cpanel some people got it to work:

but I also expect that there are differences between providers and what they allow.
Anyway is for sure not the easiest way to run n8n.

You can try Hetzner. Best & Cheap alternative for DO, Vultr


Yes, can second that. They are great. Also seem to be performance-wise better.

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Hetzner look to be quite a bit cheaper than DO, That is interesting I might move over.

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