Send all hubspot events to an JSON-based storage

I want to capture all events from Hubspot, so I can mirror whatever happens in there into a custom CRM representation.

I want to capture lead creation&edition, companies, users, whatever…

I don’t want to “process” that data, only “save into some place” like S3 or an Elastic Search.

The goal is zero-data-loss.

The goal is not to “do” something now, but to start an employee using Hubspot on 1/dec/2022 and we being able to “capture ALL the activity” into our systems. Maybe we post process that 1/2 year later. Bue if the lead “John Perez” gets renamed into “John M. Perez” one month after creation we want to “have that data” at some place.

How can we copy all the Hubspot events EVEN IF THEY CHANGE THE SCHEMA into some JSON dumper?

(PD: Standard Api Keys are no longer accepted and OAuth verification is mandatory).

Havent tried this solution - but you can have a single n8n webhook that just dumps the incoming JSON and have HS send all events you care about notify this webhook.

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