Send an attachment on zendesk ticket

I would like to use Zendesk with N8N.
I retrieve a file from my S3 and I send it to Zendesk on the upload route as :

In response I got a token but I don’t see how to use this token on create or update ticket.

In zendesk documentation I see I have to send as a parameter :

'{"ticket": {"comment": {"body": "Press play", "uploads": ["4bLLKSOU63CPqaIeOMXYyXzUh"]}}}'

but I don’t see how to send this token on n8n node

Is there a way to send the token with json parameter?

Here is my n8n workflow =>

Hey @Samuel_Simonney,

Are you getting any error messages when you try the workflow?

No the ticket is well created in zendesk but there isn’t any attachment in the attachment field.
I think data inside JSON Parameters aren’t well interpreted by zendesk.

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