Send big file over FTP/SFTP

I have problems sending big file over ftp/sftp node. First I need to read binary data and this part always fails. Probably because file is to big(over 200MB). Is it possible to pass just filename to ftp node. Of course I can use simple “Execute command” but I wanted to use credentials saved in n8n. Whats your suggestions?

Welcome to the community @arkadiush!

What crashes n8n itself or the editor-ui in the browser? Because n8n should be able to handle it (if your server has enough memory). The problem could be that you run it manually while developing and when you do that it sends all data in the browser and that will then probably crash the browser-tab.

No sorry, there is sadly no other way (except what you already wrote). But can see how it can be helpful. So it would maybe be a good idea to open a “feature-request” so that we maybe add that in the future. Should not be to complicated to implement.

Editor in browser is fine. Nothing hangs. My server is Raspberry PI 4 with 2GB of RAM so maybe this is the case. Anyway for now I will use execute command to upload file and I will create feature request and it would be great if ftp node could upload file based also on source file path.
Thank you

hm strange. RAM wise that should be more than enough. Is the RAM maybe already mainly used up by other applications running on the PI?