Send binary item multiple times

well hello. It’s me again.
I have the following problem: I have the following workflow. So I need to get some items. Then i download a binary file. Then I send this file somewhere. Now, I need the file to be sent as many times items have been coming from the node before. Normally, I’d just switch the nodes around, but the binary file can only be called if it’s the closest node? Is there a way to still execute on every one of the 50 items without putting another node in front of the send node? When I use merge, it can’t find the binary item?

Hey @inop,

sorry for having some trouble again working with n8n.

This is maybe a bug with n8n handling binary data for multiple input items. I know that the Github node also struggles with downloading a file for each item resulting in just one downloaded file.

There is a workaround using the split in batches node. The Batchsize must be 1:

Here is an example worflow:

@Jon or @MutedJam: Potential bug over here. This should be validated.


I can’t see a bug here, If the download file node is only outputting 1 item then it would be correct. The HTTP request node should run 50 times already…

This would then mean the next node would run 50 times, This could be different depending on the node settings but for something like this using the Split in Batches node would be the best approach as it allows you to deal with any errors that may occur.

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hey, thanks for the response.
I don’t think there is a bug here. I set the download not “execute once”, since the file can be some megabytes and I don’t want to exceed max storage by downloading it (unnecessarily) a lot of times. What I am looking for is a way to make this work with only downloading the file once (since it’s the same file every time)

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