Send Email Node - Plain Text / HTML

Hi Everyone

Having had to give up on using the AWS SES node because of an issue with sending html emails (I’ve just seen the patch is coming in the next version though), I reverted to using the ‘Send Email’ node instead. It works, kind of, but I’m having some weird little issues.

For the scenario I am pulling the email, email subject, and email body from AirTable and sending it to recipients.

The issues I’m experiencing are as follows:

  1. In the ‘Send Email’ node if I use an expression to pull in the email body from AirTable (which is in long text, rich text format) into the HTML section of the node, the received email (once activating the workflow) loses all it’s formatting in that it has no paragraphs etc (just one big block of text), but retains the clickable url links (to a survey).

  2. So because of Q1 I then resorted to bring in the email body into the ‘Text’ section of the ‘Send Email’ node (as opposed to the HTML section). Now this has actually worked in that the email arrives perfectly as expected, email formatted and with links, with the exception that it although works on desktop and any of my mobile emails that have been routed through google business services, it doesn’t quite work in that none of the links are clickable (blue) in my non-gmail provided mobile account. Why on earth would this be? My worry is, that anyone that hasn’t had their email provided/connected by gmail won’t be able to click on any of the links in the email.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


PS Just incase it’s important I’m using a verified DKIM setup AWS SES SMTP.

What issue are we talking about here?

Are you having the same error or you assumed the error was there because of the PR? Asking because this PR was closed and my coworker added the fix. If you are having the error, what version of n8n are you using?

Thanks Ricardo. I’m using cloud so I assume the latest version. Ps it certainly looked like I was getting the same error hence how I found the post about the patch :slight_smile:

Ok, going to have a look at it.

This issue got fixed. We will let you know when it’s released.

Hi @spessex,

So with your email issue when you send the HTML email how bad does it look and is the rich text you are getting actually HTML or something else?

With the second part it is probably down to the way the email is being treated by the other services some of them won’t show links as links if it is a plain text email there are also a couple of mail clients that do it.

Depending on the formatting you could use a function to take the rich text version and attempt to convert it to HTML which may help.

I suspect you may see the same issue even when using SES so it could be worth sorting now to save on disappointment later.

@spessex we don’t automatically update cloud instances to latest version (only done automatically if you’re on a really old version, or there is some known security issue).
Here is a video on how to update your version:

Update instance version - Watch Video

With HTML, basically a block of text is received with any formatting (no paragraphs or links).

And as you suggest, I do wonder what I’m actually getting from Airtable in terms of the Rich Text Output (I’ve tried non rich aswell). Visually it just looks like the email should look.

Thanks for the other info though Jon.

Thanks for info Max.

I think I spotted the json data in the other thread with the body, That isn’t HTML so it won’t display nicely you would need to either store the HTML body in Airtable or spend a bit of time doing some conversion so search for \n or \r\n and replace with
and things like that.

Okay Jon. Appreciate the heads-up. Thanks a lot.