Send email with multiple gmail account and google sheet


Someone can help me please ?

I try to make a workflow who I can send emails with 5 Gmail differents accounts and google sheet. I will that each Gmail send 20 mails and switch to the next Gmail to send the next 20 emails and so up to the 5th Gmail account.

That make 100 emails for 5 Gmail accounts. So how to setup this and what node I have to use ? I try the IF and SWITCH node but don’t understand how setup to have what I want.

Thanks in advance

Hi @clovici67

Can you clarify the reason why you want to use 5 different Gmail accounts to send 100 mails?

Why can’t all 100 be sent with the same Gmail account?

Do the recipients of the mails in the Google Sheets sheet have to be sent by a specific Gmail account or can it be random?

I segment my emails. I have 5 recipients groups so 5 gmails accounts. Thats better for analyzing some data. I will send 20 emails for each gmail account.

In that case it depends on how you have segmented the contacts in the Google Sheets sheet.

You can use 5 different tabs, one for each group of 20 contacts, and simply generate a workflow for the combination of tab and Gmail account.

If all 100 contacts are on the same sheet, they should at least have a record that identifies the Gmail account through which they should be sent, and thus, filter the contacts by that record and repeat the above process.

The Swift node will not work in this case, since you have 5 possible paths and the node only supports 4.

So what node you recommend to use ? Can you give an exemple of workflow to see what you mean ? All my contacts are in the same sheet. For me it’s more easier because I am not an n8n expert for now

For the example of use you mention, you can use a workflow like the following:

The Google Sheets sheet has a structure like this:

You can also do this without adding anything to your Google sheet, by routing each item based on its index — see example below.

However, I agree with @martinhache that it would be more elegant to modify the Google Sheet to explicitly define which account you want the item to be processed by.

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