Send JSON by email

Good morning, this is part of the body of the JSON that I have as a result of having used the “Move Binary Data” node. Attached image:

I want to send that body using one of the send email nodes, but I’m not sure what the best approach is. If someone can help me please.

Hey @Santiago_Medina_Figu, welcome to the community :tada:

Can you elaborate a bit on what you are planning to do? Simply send the whole JSON payload out via email? Or use some of the values from your JSON payload in your email fields (like [email protected] as the recipient or This is a simple API as the email text)?

Hi! Thanks for answer!

I want to send the whole JSON payload out via email. A simple API as email text.

In that case you could use for an example an expression like {{JSON.stringify($json)}} in the text field of the Send Email node. This will convert your entire JSON object into a string (the Set node in my example is simply to mock some JSON data):

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That works great my friend! Thanks!

Can I do one more question on this thread?

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