Send mqtt command and wait for response? How to do it?

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I would like to request to my IoT devices with MQTT and record collected data in an Airtable table.

I use MQTT nodes to send the command to request data from different IoT devices, but the response is being published in different topics.
To subscribe to a topic, I have to use MQTT trigger and therefore a different workflow for each device.

Is there a different way to do it? With this method it’s tricky to collect all the data and them to Airtble, since each device it’s on a different workflow…

Any suggestion on how to do it?

Hey @giacomolanzi,

I am not sure if there is a better way, What you are doing with one trigger for each device sounds like it might be right if it is a topic for each device.

If it helps you can have multiple triggers in the same workflow.

Yes, in fact either I use one workflow with filter and wildcard of mqtt topics, or with different workflows.

The fact is that sounds strange to me is that I have one workflow that triggers the publication and other workflows that collect data. The challenge is collect the data in a single row on a table, since each data comes from different topic, I should collect them in a single bundle of data before send them to Airtable and with different workflows I think it’s not doable.

It’s just a personal project and at the moment I am drown in stuff to do for customers, so all is going very slow on this thing.