Send multiple slack messages after "execute once" node

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I have a workflow setup that pulls in data from a REST API, then if there is data returned, it will send a slack message with some information from that data. However, there’s two slack messages I want it to fire off: 1 is just a general message tagging a specific person, then I want it to post a link for each datapoint that comes in. When testing it, it would send the entire message for every data point, so I set them up in separate nodes and have the initial message set to only execute once, but now the following node ALSO only executes once. Is there a way to get the second node to continue to send a message for each data point?

Hi @crogers2009, in n8n every node runs once per item that it gets. So if you set a node to execute once only, it only returns one result, which makes the next node only run once as well. Would you mind sharing your workflow? That would help me a lot to provide some actional guidance.

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