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Hi everyone,

I was about to subscribe to n8n but when I tried to select Sendinblue in the native integrations to see the supported actions I found a “Page Not Found” message. Does it mean that now Sendinblue is not available with n8n?

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Hi @Renaud75018,
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The SendInBlue nodes are available in n8n. We have some docs here.


I am guessing you are talking about our integrations page resulting in an Page not Found error. Thanks for reporting the issue I’ll bring it up to fix.

Thanks for your prompt response @marcus

Yeah I read the docs but the Page not found error misleaded me.

I wanted to check if n8n allowed to connect Sendinblue and Woocommerce but unless I’m mistaken I don’t see any tool on n8n allowing users to check integrations compatibility and supported actions.

Do you have any information on your end that could help me?

Thank you again for your help and consideration.

Hey @Renaud75018,

Most of the time if you see a node it will let you work with another node we don’t really have a list of all the possible combinations as almost every node can talk to almost all of the other nodes. Going between SendinBlue and Woo Commerce, We have triggers for both nodes and standard nodes so as well as being able to perform an action on a schedule you can also perform an action as something happens in either of the 2 platforms.


Perfect ! Thank you very much @Jon

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