Sending bulk messages in Telegram with user IDs

Hi guys

I want to send bulk messages in Telegram only using user IDs.

In Telegram node, I can only send messages within the group.

If there is a way to give direct message mode to users using their IDs, I would be grateful if you could help me.



Hi @iman_ns :wave:

You wouldn’t be able to do this in the node - you may be able to do this through the HTTP Request node if the Telegram API supports it, however :see_no_evil:

One thing to note: The API will not allow more than ~30 messages to different users per second, if you go over that, you’ll start getting 429 errors. You also can’t send more than 20 messages per minute to the same group.

If you’re looking to send messages to only one user ID at a time, you can use this as some inspiration:

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