Sending Form Data


I was wondering how to send Form-Data correctly with n8n?
I’m currently struggeling with the “HTTP-Request” module.

Thank you.

Sorry for the late answer!

I think there is currently no easy way to do that. It should probably be possible when you set headers and body manually to the correct values. I did however not have any time to try that yet. It would be best if I would simply add that functionality directly to the node as the request-module (which the node uses allows doing that easily anyway). I am gonna look into that but can sadly not give you an estimate when it will be available right now.

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Ok, released a new version of [email protected] in which it is possible.

Simply create everything normally. Then add on the HTTP Request-Node under options “Body Content Type” and select “Form-Data Multipart”. It should then fine.


Hi Jan,

thank you for this update. I will check the functionality.

Beste Grüße

Sure, great! Simply get back to me if you have any problems.