Sending Twilio SMS message to Airtable - Issues

Hi all

Note: I’m using n8n Cloud.

I’ve successfully created a Webhook (Test URL) for Twilio to receive an SMS message. I then ‘Set’ the body of the message and then pass this to Airtable. The issue I’m having is that the message never gets sent to Airtable, only a blank row every time the node executes (I have ‘Created’ table so can see these blank rows are being created every time I run the node).

Now this is the ‘foundational/test part’. If I can get this working and passing the message body to Airtable I then would like to update only the user (unique to each row) who’s telephone number matches the message. If any one has some insight in how to do this it would be a bonus :slight_smile:

PS Is there any reason why the Twilio Node is only setup to ‘Send’ messages and not receive?



Screenshot 2022-08-02 at 14.39.42

Hi @spessex

Your fields do not seem to match the airtable fields. I think this is the cause of your issue.
Make sure to set the values to the correct field names and then use the Airtable node including the correct field names to use when appending the row.
I don’t have airtable to give you an example, but you can look at the examples in the doc:

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Hi, thanks for taking a look but I’m sure these are named correctly. See screenshots for proof :slight_smile:

here it isn’t


Thanks so much! It’s now working :man_dancing: