Server install on AWS Lightsail

Hello all

As a person that knows nothing about Docker, I follow these instructions step by step Server Setup | Docs

However, I do not know where in the file system to place the docker-compose.yml and .env files. The above documentation says nothing about the directories they should be placed into and their permissions.

Thanks so much.

You can pop the files in any directory you want, just make sure the .env file is in the same folder as your compose file.

I have an n8n user that I use and I put the files in that users home directory but it is all down to personal preference really.

how do you edit your .env and yml files. I try using enter or backspace for new line but it doesn’t work for me

I just use a text editor like nano or vim but it all depends on what you have available. What editor are you using?

i use vim in putty. when editing like clicking ‘Enter’ to get to a new line it doesn’t work

Press insert / i first and make sure on the bottom left it says Insert, once your change is made press the escape key then input :wq to save and close the file.

Or try using nano if it is available it is an easier editor to use.


Thanks so much @jon. Are there any specific file permissions I should be aware of?

None that I can think of.

Thanks @jon I’ll try that

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