Server installation: where to create the .env file?


I followed the docker server installation on a new Digital Ocean Ubuntu 20.04 droplet, but I can’t connect to my server. The one part of the documentation that confuses me is ‘Create an .env file’. I placed it in /root/ now, but I don’t see the environment variables ‘take’, also not after logging in again. Where should I place it?


Create that file in the same folder you did also create the “docker-compose.yml” file and in which you run sudo docker-compose up -d.

Ah yes, that’s what I did. It appears they do work, but that my letsencrypt certificate is not being generated. Chrome refuses to load, but I can ignore the issue in Firefox and see my n8n installation. Do I need to generate a letsencrypt cert manually?

Update: I found some helpful info here, I’ll look in to that first.