Server issues

My Problem

Hello, i am trying to install N8N on my macbook but i have many server issues, i dont understand what i’ve done wrong

What is the error message ?

" Problem fetching installed packages
There may be a problem with your internet connection or your n8n instance
API-Server can not be reached. It is probably down."


I’ve downloaded Docker and followed the instructions but i can’t log to google sheets. I wanted to connect with Oauth so i found i needed to create a google cloud account and then set up the Oauth connexion but when i entered “localhost:5678” as authorized domain.
I had an error message which told me domain url doesn’t have to contain “http:// or https://” which is not the case cause i just entered “localhost:5678”
Then i connect to n8n dashboard but i had a connection error which is just above

Information on your n8n setup

  • n8n version: 0.227.1
  • **Database : SQLite
  • **n8n EXECUTIONS_PROCESS setting : own
  • **Running n8n via Docker
  • **Operating system: MacOs 13.3.1

Welcome to the community @Adri!

Did you check if a firewall or similar is blocking the connection?

Thanks for your answer, yes i’ve checked and no firewall is activated

Hey @Adri,

Can you share a screenshot of the error (including the full page)? I suspect there is something missing but I am not sure what it is at the moment. Is the Google part related to the error, Can you also share the docker command you ran to get started?