Server n8n down for self-hosted instance

Urgent!! i installed n8n on another directory and initially i was seeing both sites but now it gives me the apache defaults page. I can’t uninstall n8n in the other directory where I installed it with the command npm --prefix / home / directory2 n8n … the weird thing that at first I went to both sites and you could see the workflow of the other I’ve had for a long time … help

Guess it is related to this question which I did just answer:

Generally, is it not a simple task to set up multiple n8n instances on the same server. It would require some experience. Additionally, is npm installing n8n multiple times probably not the best and simplest way to do that. A much better way would be to use docker-compose with traefik. You can find some information about that here:

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I will try to find a solution thanks for the indication