ServiceNow node integration [GOT CREATED]


it would be great if there was a node for the ticket system ServiceNow.

The node should be able to:

  • create ticket
  • get ticket
  • update ticket

This could be done via the Table API:

Table API | ServiceNow Developers

Unfortunately I am not able to find a documentation which helps me to create this node by my own.

Thanks in addition if this would be possible.

Hi @kefin - thanks a lot for your well-formed feature request! Checked out ServiceNow and can see how this node could be helpful in giving ServiceNow users a much wider net of automation possibilities. Are there any resources beyond Tickets in ServiceNow that many users would want to interact with?

By the way, @tanay and the Dev Rel team are currently working on improving our resources for node creation so should soon be easier for you to create nodes.

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It would be awesome if nodes could be generated from OpenAPI/Swagger definition files. The Shuffle platform handles this very nicely -



Work in progress to convert OpenAPI to n8n:


ServiceNow Node got released with [email protected]

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