Set Node Issue

Hi all,

I’ve got an issue with the Set Node.
I can’t type a value in expression mode who begin with the character ‘=’.
example : =IMAGE(“”;4;507;1024)

I’m on n8n 0.221.2 and it was working in my older instance (0.207.1)


Do you have a workaround for this ?

Information on your n8n setup

  • n8n version: 0.221.2
  • Database : sqlite
  • Running n8n via Docker

Older instance :

  • n8n version : 0.207.1
  • Database : sqlite
  • Running n8n via npm

Hey @antoinesnowleader,

So a while ago a change was made so that any value starting with an = toggles it to an expression, Oddly enough this has not come up as an issue before but I have worked out a way to work around it.

If you set the value to {{ '=IMAGE("";4;507;1024)' }} you will get what you are after.

Hi Jon,

Thanks for your answer.
In my case, i’ve got an invalid syntax error because i try to include an expression into this link :

How can i make it work ? Sorry, I’m not fluent with JS.

if you are including an expression as well there is a bit more to it, Can you share the full expression and I can work it out.

Here it is :
=IMAGE(“{{$node[“Upload Image”].json[“id”]}}”;4;507;1024)

For more context :

First of all, i’m uploading an image to Google Drive

In this example, the id is 1c0G37CYRLlDvbLp1HGwQwTf-McwReXb0

After sharing it, I need to build an expression with the URL of the share to display it on a Google Sheet :

Try this…

{{ '=IMAGE(" ' + $node["Upload Image"].json["id"] + '";4;507;1024)' }}
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Work great !
Have a good day.


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