Set 'WAIT' Node to "wait until 9AM" on a daily basis before proceeding

I have entries coming in from a GoogleSheet Trigger (when row is added) headed to Twilio

The entries (which initially come from a custom form - filled during the Nightime) contains Customer Name, Phone Number & Time

What I want is to send message at 11AM (everyday) e.g
“Hi Customer, We received your form form yesterday night. We’ll get back to you during the course of the day. Thank you”

My idea setup is;

GoogleSheet Trigger > Set > Wait Node (wait until 11) > Twilio

How do I set that WAIT NODE to recur everyday?

(Ps: plus how can I contain the messages to send one by one to avoid peaking API Quotas since presumably a lot of messages will be sent at once?)

Thanks in advance!

Would be easiest to not use a Schedule Trigger Node instead if the data is already in a Google Sheet.

So you create a workflow that triggers every day at 9AM or 11AM (you used different times, so not sure what you actually need), get all the messages from the Sheet, filter out the ones that are older than 24h, and to the rest, you send that email.
You could also after the run copy the data to a different Sheet (one with only already processed data) and delete them in the first one. That is cleaner, you can then save the filter step, and you do not always have to go through all the messages.

I hope that is helpful!

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Hi @jan!

1st off while I have you here I’d like to say thanks so much for your Platform altogether, it’s enabled me & my startup propel a lot of projects over the past few months - Kudos! :partying_face:

Regarding your solution - sounds ideal though since all records populate daily into one Google Sheet (even after cleaning) they end up being a lot & from what I can tell your solution entails;

Schedule Cron (Running Daily at 11AM) > Read Google Sheet > Filter Node (filer past 24Hours) > Send Message

My problem herein lies on the “GoogleSheets Read” part of it all. Their quota only allows 300 records per minute per project & seeing as every ‘ping’ will read;

  1. Customer Name
  2. Phone Number
  3. Message

Divided by 3 that means only 100 records can be read every minute? This would bring a problem if more than 100 Customers exist - No?

Isn’t there an expression I can create to maybe “recur everyday at 11am” to which I’ll place on the Wait Node? Not too tech savvy with Javascript so it’s just a thought

Thanks a lot! That is very appreciated and always amazing to hear!

Regarding the number of API requests. That should not be a problem. Because with a single request it is possible to query multiple rows and columns at the same time. Meaning it is possible to query all messages with all of the data with more of less a single API request.

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Then I suppose that does it!
Let me set up, test & revert back on my progress…

Thanks again!

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