Setting Webhooks with out needing to specify a port

Hi Guys,

I have a self hosting install of n8n on vultr. I login with the and webhooks are created as The issue is I have found some software e.g fluentforms does not allow a port number to be specified within webhook urls.

Please could someone suggest a simple way to change the webhook structure so it does not need a port number specified in the url?

It’s not an issue for me to login specifying a port, if that make any difference.

Thank you!


There is sadly no easy way to change that, as long as you want that n8n still works. The only way to really change that is to change the whole setup and set up n8n properly.

How that can be done, is documented in our Server Setup Guides.

Thanks Jan, I think my current install on vultr uses the npm method. When you say setup n8n properly which method should I use please and where did I go wrong with my current install?

In turns of being able to update n8n is there a better method to use that is easier to update please?

Thank you!

Hey @paul2000,

I would use the docker methods as it is easier to manage and is our preferred option.

You are seeing the port because you likely don’t have WEBHOOK_URL set to just the domain, try setting that environment option and seeing if that helps.

@paul2000 With not “proper”, I was referring to not having n8n configured to use a domain, not using a standard port, and no SSL, which is all required for production use. If not set up that way the deployment is neither safe nor will most Trigger Nodes work.

Thanks Jan & Jon. To be honest I got my son to sort it. He has it working on port 443 and used a non root user by using a ‘binding’ method that chat gpt came up with to avoid using root user. I am sure this makes more sense to you than me! So I think it is all working/setup as you would have intended now. Next time I do an install I will try the docker method. Thanks again!


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