Setup a webhook Url in n8n running on Docker Desktop Linux

I am trying to setup the Telegram Trigger using n8n running in docker desktop for linux.
I need to setup a custom url for the webhook in order for it to work.
Can someone give me instructions on how to setup the custom url.
I believe it also requires an SSL certificate, how to I provide it with a SSL certificate

Hey @Dean_Rosin,

From an n8n configuration view you just need to set the WEBHOOK_URL environment variable to your domain.

Outside of n8n you will need to configure DNS for your domain to point at the external IP for your n8n instance or reverse proxy which could handle the SSL certificates for you.

We do have a couple of examples of using Traefik and Caddy as reverse proxies that would automatically handle the SSL side of things.

Another option would be to use something like a Cloudflare tunnel but we don’t have any example for that at the moment.

Hi Jon

Could I just generate a SSL certificate for my ubuntu systems external IP Nd load that on the ubuntu server?

Hey @Dean_Rosin,

You could do but it would be self signed and would show a certificate error though as it will be considered insecure by most browsers, If you wanted to take this approach though you wouldn’t need the reverse proxy and you could set the n8n environment variables for the ssl certificates instead which can be found here: Environment variables reference | n8n Docs

Hi Jon

I have created the ssl certificate when I try run the command to start Docker I get a “docker: invalid reference format.” error for the file


Hey @Dean_Rosin,

Have you added your certificates to the container? It looks like your options are also missing the = between the key and the value but looking at what you are using would it not be easier to use something like Caddy or Traefik to mange the SSL for you?

Do you have instructions to setup Traefik or caddy on Docker Desktop for n8n?

Hey @Dean_Rosin,

We have a guide for setting it up with Docker Compose in our docs which can be found here: Installation | n8n Docs

Are you actually setting this up on your desktop or is this a machine being used as a server?

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