Setup n8n on my Windows machine and help me properly get Google Sheets credentials

Hello. I have a Windows-based PC (Ryzen 5600g, 16gb RAM), and I need n8n setup on it. I’m okay with you using VM Ware or installing n8n directly with NodeJS under Windows, whatever you consider most stable and the best.

I also need you to help me properly set up the Ip/webhook/callback address so I can use it, Google Sheets. I pull data from my WooCommerce API (don’t worry I already have my endpoints and everything I’m just missing the proper Google Sheets connection, I can deal with it from then on)

This is the second part of my needs - I need n8n to connect with Google Sheets.

I will provide AnyDesk/TeamViewer access to the server and walk you through my use case via Skype/Zoom.

I can offer $100 for this service.

Hello @discountground, still need assistance with the GoogleSheets connection?

I have a MySQL sheets connected to GoogleSheets using a custom app feeding to the database. I can show you how I’ve done that & assist you in your similar connection.

Contact me : [email protected]

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