Setup with nginx

Wow. I am so impressed with n8n. Everything so far has been easy, with one exception.

I set up n8n on windows and was able to send POST webhooks to it with Postman and no Authentication

So I fired up a docker instance and pointed to it with Nginx Reverse proxy.

I can get to the UI at

When I set up a webhook, it looks like

But when I send POST webhooks to it with Postman and no Authentication, Postman reports Error: connect ECONNREFUSED

What am I missing?

Cheers, Richard

Hey @RichardC

Can I see your environment variables? Have a look for mine, maybe sth is missing?

Learn more here: Environment variables - n8n Documentation

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I’d be happy to show you if I knew where to find them. The version I’m using was set up for unRaid. The only variables I’ve set are for basic auth, username and password, plus Webhook Tunnel URL: which I set to

The documents you linked to make no mention of sth.How would I figure out what I need to do?

Thanks, Richard


So I believe you does not own set domain do question is do you have domain what you wish to use?
If so, then set up following variables: N8N_HOST, N8N_PORT and WEBHOOK_URL

Try set up those and let me know if it work :slight_smile:

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Correct. I do not own It’s common to use as a way to show how something is set up without revealing the name of the actual domain.

I figured out by looking at your variables that the WEBHOOK_URL should not include the port.

Thanks, Richard