Share Folder for Nextcloud Node [GOT CREATED]


for our CAD-Drawings, we have a process, where the big files are uploaded to OneDrive.

Create a Folder (Name = Part-Number) - Upload files - share folder - create shortlink - write shortlink to ERP

I can not migrate this process from OneDrive to Nextcloud, because the ‘share Folder’ option is not available there.

Is there any chance to get an update for the Nextcloud node?

Thank you!

@JanMrlth1 make sure you upvote the feature request.

For future reference, to achieve this, the endpoint below needs to be added to the node.

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Got implemented and will be released with the next version of n8n later today.

Got released with [email protected]

Thank you guys!

from what I can see atm, it only applys to files. Can we have shared folders too?

@JanMrlth1 it might sound silly but are you sure you are on the 144 release? The code for the node appears to have Share as an option for folders.

quick edit: Just updated my test instance to 144 and the option does appear to be there but I had to scroll a bit.

ah :slight_smile:
so the scrollbar does not show up, unless you hover over the list.


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Thank you for the quick implementation. I can start to move over to nextcloud now - Yay!

Yeah that scroll bar has caught me out before. I know there is some chatter about tweaking the design so that may be improved.