Share my workflow with another user

Hello everyone,

I create a workflow and I want to share it with my team to let them do some modifications. Is there any way to add users or to invite users to my workflow to let them do modifications?

Thanks in advance

Hi @Icy_Galaxy, welcome to the community!

Currently, only the owner of an n8n instance can see workflows created by other users. So if you (as the owner) would want other users to make direct modifications you’d need to grant them access to your account.

This will eventually be possible, but for now you’d need to (for example) download your workflow and send it to whoever you’d like to make modifications (and import their workflow file once they’re done with the modifications).

You could also try to manually give multiple users “owner” permissions (who’d then be able to view all workflows), but this is a hack and would put your database in an unsupported state. Check out this post for details (not just the hack but also the hint by Jan at the end of the thread):


Understood. Thank you for you answer

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