Shopify credentials

I couldn’t create shopify credentials since password is no longer provided by Shopify api keys

[API] Invalid API key or access token (unrecognized login or wrong password)

Hey @Diyor_Baynazarov, welcome to the community :tada:

I am sorry to hear you’re having trouble. Are you also having trouble with alternative authentication options such as OAuth2?

Hey Muted! I get the issues they’re having, since I’m having it as well. Here’s the problem, Shopify has updated the API in the Shop backend and no longer have a password, they now have an Admin API access token that doesn’t work as a password the the n8n area.

I’d really like to NOT have to dig through their API if we have a module that just needs an update if possible. We’re rolling out holiday product and are deep into design not API’s :grin:

Thanks for confirming @soulphforum, I’ve added this to the engineering backlog for a closer look. Just to make sure, are you able to get this to work with any other authentication methods offered in the Shopify node?

Not if I cant authenticate unfortunately

Hi @soulphforum, I signed up as a Shopify partner to get a development account and could authenticate using the Access Token method offered by n8n:


These are the values I have entered:

And this is where I got each value from:

I also had to “install” my app on the Overview tab of Shopify’s App Development page and have assigned a few scopes:



Perhaps you can give these steps a go and confirm if you’re still having trouble afterwards? This was my test workflow:


Damnit Muted You’re Awesome!!! You made me realize that my version was over 6 months old and needed an upgrade. Had to migrate servers to do so AWS locked me out for some dang reason. But I now see what you’re saying. If anyone else is having issues please make sure you have the latest version. Don’t be a numbnutz like me… lol

Thanks Again Muted!!!

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Sweet, glad to hear it’s working now :slight_smile:

Hey Muted,

I’ve done exactly what you show here and the response I get is “Failed to extend syntax”. It also looks like shopify updated their app dev portal as it looks slightly different from above. What do you suggest?

Hi @Michael-WoodLab, welcome to the community. I am sorry to hear you’re having trouble. This error message was recently (through this PR). Could you confirm if the issue also exists on n8n version 0.210.2 for you (the last version before this change)?

Hi every one, I’m facing same issue, i’ve follow the same step but still unable to process . how can i make sure it’s the final, version ?


Welcome to the community @Julien_G !

What version are your running? The latest is 0.213.0.

Thanks a lot for your warm welcome @jan and thanks much more for the tool !

My version 0.212.0, seems like this is not the last one, thanks for your fast answer, i’ll sorted out how to update it.
The issues was only come from here ?

I was able to make a successful connection using the access token method, today.

I am using 0.213.0 on an instance running on

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I’ve made the update and it works for me, thx everyone.

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