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Hey there community. New to n8n, but have managed to make some great flows. Now I’m trying to import all products (1900 as of now, more later on) but the Shopify node runs out of memory.

**How can i get the products in batches? The idea is for me to import them to our Airtable database, do mass changes, and them update the products back to Shopify. **

Hope it makes sense.

Can’t get all orders - Run out of memory

Shopify Node runs out of memory

Information on your n8n setup

  • n8n version: 1.11.1
  • Running n8n via n8n cloud using Firefox Developer Browser
  • Operating system: Windows 11 Home

use the split in batches node to split the products into batches and then fetch the data from shopify and write it to airtable

Hey Trash. How will this work, since the Shopify Node can’t retrieve the products due that there is too many? I can only find logic if i needed to split it into batches in adding to the Airtable node.

If i add a “Loop over Items” node before or after, it doesn’t change the outcom. The Shopify node runs out of memory.


you will need to create 2 workflows, use the execute workflow and execute workflow trigger nodes, you will need to limit how many products shopify returns at once instead of selecting “return all”, and finally you will need the set node at the end of your subworkflow to make sure the data is being erased and not returned to your main workflow.

Hey @Theis_Vincent,

I just checked the Shopify Api for get_products and they really don’t have pagination… So it is not really possible to get your data in batches on an easy way.

Option 1: Shopify is really smart and if you make a request with limit=50 and then do a following one, you get 50 other products. But I don’t thinkt that will work.

Option 2: There is some other opportunity to split them by you. For example you could update one half of your products an then start your workflow. You change the shopify get node so that it only gets the newly updated ones with the filter option updated_at_min. Afterwards you’d need to change the other half of your products change the filter to the newer date&time and then start the workflow again.

I’m sorry but I think there is no good solution in your case. And that’s because shopify forgot to implement pagination in their api…


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