Shopify order webhook

The shopify webhook works for some events and not for others. Right now it doesn’t seem to work for any of the order events :frowning: Can the admins verify this?

Hey, @pedrocacho. Of course, I will have a look as soon as a I can.

Hey, @pedrocacho did some digging. It worked fine for me. What I think is happening is you are using the wrong shared secret.

The one that needs to use can be found in Apps -> Manage Private apps -> Select the app -> Shared secret.

There is another shared secret that can found in Settings -> Notifications -> Webhooks that is intended just for testing from Shopify UI meaning it cannot be used for the webhooks created from Shopify Trigger node.

Check the images below:

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Hi @RicardoE105, would also be possible to get the data of the order from shopify?

@jdinartejesus added it to my list


Thanks @RicardoE105! Looking forward to seeing updates! Thanks so much for contributing.

Hi @RicardoE105, I’m also having the same issue and I copied the right Shared Secret.

This is weird since I tested it. So just to make sure we are on the same page. The error you are having is that you are just receiving webhooks for all resources except the order one?

I tried with other webhooks but no luck. I’m afraid it’s related to create the wrong url webhooks.

@jdinartejesus are you having an error when creating the webhook? or just do not receive the events ever?

@RicardoE105, I don’t receive the events at all.

jus tested it again and it’s working fine for me. Are you testing locally? if so are you using the tunnel?

I’m running on the server, maybe we can move this conversation for a private in order to give more details?

Of course. Send me a private message.

How? There’s no option to send private message.

If you click on his name it should display you a blue “Message” button.

Thanks Jan! Already reached him, thank for creating n8n!

Great to hear that you enjoy n8n! Have fun!