Showcase September [Share Screenshot of your workflow]

This Workflow Generated 1000s of Redeemable Coupon Code for my SaaS in Less 1hr 30Mins.


I created this little workflow that automatically adds expenses to my Airtable. Hope I now don’t overspend :joy:


Time to add Twilio Node and Send it to your parents :rofl:

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Workflow to export the posts in this forum (e.g. so we can send a notification when a topic has gone too long without a response)


@sirdavidoff Your n8n has an update available :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

So this month the workflow I have found most useful isn’t one I have made and is one from the community stash…

This workflow calls the internal n8n APIs to export the workflows and save them to github providing a bit of versioning.

For one I have made… I recently updated my Sky Broadband package and because of this it took away my static IP which is a bit annoying. I use Namecheap for my domain and they have a URL you can hit to update DNS records so here is my workflow that updates my DNS records. It runs every 15 minutes and uses Airtable as a bit of a cache to store the last IP this stops it from constantly updating it, On a change it will let me know in Discord as well.


Thank you so much @jon for sharing the n8n workflow backup thing.

It’ll be so useful.

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This is mine


Ransomware Victim Scraper and post to Wordpress

Including getting victim logos

Cyber Security IP and Hostname Enrichment

OCR from a file via Google Vision API

  • loads of others with variations, didn’t want to bore you.

@RedPacketSec you have come a long way! Nice looking workflows you have there :+1:

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thanks, all the help from here has been super useful

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