"'" sign in google sheets

When I use “append” in “google sheet” node. It add numbers in cells by " ’ " sign before my numbers (something like '123 instead of 123).
It is so bad when I use formula in Google sheets.
Can anyone tell me how can I send numbers without " ’ " sign to my sheets in google sheets?

That was sadly not possible. Added now a new version [email protected] which allows setting the “Value Input Mode” under “Options”. If you set it “User Entered” it should now work fine.

It work very well my friend.
May I ask another option in google sheet please?

Can you please add another API options (like: clear, search, delete …) to google sheet node?
Thanks in advance.

Not sure when I will get to it but can put it on my list.

What do you mean with “Search”? Because there is already “Lookup” which sounds like it could do what you want.

You right.
I think you just should add clear option.

Ok great. Added it to my to-do list.

dear @jan
I search google sheet API and I see below references:
REST Resource: spreadsheets.developerMetadata

By these methods:
get: You could get specific row or column I think.
search: it return all matches rows or columns. (lookup just return one matches row, I think)

Yes, that makes sense and I will add. Can sadly not give you an estimate.