Signing up seems to fail?

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When I attempt to sign up for using my email address, I never get the confirmation email. I’ve tried to do “forgot my password”/“reset”, but never get the email.

What is the error message (if any)?

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Hey @fubar, welcome to the community and I’m so sorry for the trouble.

I had a quick look and it seems Yahoo is currently blocking emails from our customer data platform “due to unexpected volume or user complaints” :frowning:

Are you by any chance able to use a different email account when signing up to

Sure… I guess I can try… as a side note, I WAS able to use it to sign up for the community using my @yahoo account…

If I sign up using a different email, can I change it later?

Yes, Discourse will use a separate server from, so this would explain why might see a different behaviour there. We can change your email later, simply reach out via the Help center once you have signed up.