Slack Channels Not Loading

I previously posted a question about this (Slack Not Loading Channels) and resolved it with adding an additional scope that wasn’t mentioned in the n8n docs. But now I’m having the same issue with new access tokens and setting up the slack node.

I have these permissions and the app is installed in Slack.

But I’m still seeing no channels loading and the prompt to check my credentials.

No idea where to go to from here. I’ve tested this with my slack api account and using a client’s and neither are working.

Hey @jmr123,

Your bot doesn’t have the channels:read scope which is needed to view the channels, If you add that it should then be able to list them.

Thanks. That seems to have worked, but what’s odd is that the one other credential I’ve been using for weeks doesn’t have that scope and loads the channels just fine. :man_shrugging:

Hey @jmr123,

That is odd, I would have expected it to be needed as that is what Slack documents :thinking:

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