Slack Credentials appears in in the credential list but not in the node

Hey, so I managed to connect my account to Slack, and while I can see the credentials info appearing in the credentials menu, they are not available when I create a new Slack node:

Image 3

I’m running on windows 10 the version 1.0.2 if I’m not wrong (dowloaded 2 dqys ago

  • Running n8n via [desktop app]:

OK found myself the answer: the authentification dropdownlist was in Token and not OAuth :grin:

This maybe a UI stuff to improve like placing this dropdown above the credentials list.

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Glad to hear that you found the solution yourself.

Ah yes agree, the order is not great, sadly can it right now not be changed for technical reasons. Is however on our roadmap to improve the credential handling generally, which will also fix this issue.

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