Slack Messages do not match info

Hey , guys!
I’m doing a workflow where I get a query from Metabase and then I turn the responce (JSON) into PDF via! Everything works fine - it returns all records and for everyone of them creates a separate invoice - but my issue is that I post a message in Slack with the name of the customer and it takes the name of the previous record. Do you have any idea how can I fix it. Here’s a picture!

Thank you!

Hey Pavel,

Can you share some more information about the values you are using in the Slack node to generate the message? Looking at the image of your workflow I think that the information is not in sync. Can you connect the output of the Slack node to the input of the SplitInBatches node, instead of connecting output of the Function1 node?

Thank you , Harshil!
I fixed the workflow , connected Slack to SplitingBatches and deleted one extra connection to Function1!
Now it works fine! Thanks again!