Slack Node isn't reading Channel ID when using "history" operations

Since the 8th of April, the Slack node is erroring in three flows using the same function. The function is to call the history of a Slack channel, which is inputted in the node. It was previously working and we have had no changes to the N8N setup, the Node within the flows or the Slack account to the best of my knowledge.

The error message is
" Slack error response: {“ok”:false,“error”:“invalid_arguments”,“response_metadata”:{“messages”:[“[ERROR] missing required field: channel”]}}

Please share your workflow

As nothing seems to have changed from when this node was working last week, we are hoping to understand what debugging may be possible or to understand if there is anything that has changed with the Node setup.


I was able to solve this by making a code node previously that passes the channel ID, not a solid solution but an effective workaround for now

Hey @LBAdam,

Can you share what version of n8n you are running and if you did an upgrade on or around the 8th? The error message would suggest the field is missing but your example seems to have it in there, Do you use an expression normally for the channel id?

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