Slack slash command gives webhook response


I am building a workflow where the user sends a slash command on a slack channel, which hits the webhook node, and performs the required execution. Everything works fine for me. The only issue I am facing currently is whenever I send the slash command I get a message from the bot {"message":"Workflow got started."} which I don’t want to display. I think this is coming from the webhook node, but I may be wrong. What should I do to not display this message?


In mode “On Received” does n8n currently always return that message . I looked also through the Slack-API and it does also not seem like that posting the returned message can be avoided in any other way. So untill we allow to define a custom response for “On Received” there is sadly no way to avoid that right now.


With the just released [email protected] it is now possible to overwrite the default Webhook-Response if “Response Mode” is set to “On Received”. That can be done by adding the option “Response Data” and defining the data to respond with there.

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