Slow Webhook response performance + High CPU

Hello Guys,

  • when a webhook is invoked by postman the response is 1500-1600ms and the CPU usage is at this moment verry high for 1 process.
  • When i look at the execution time in n8n its only 0.053sec.

Webhooks are called via https if this makes any difference.
How can i improve the performance for webhooks and workflows?

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Yeah, because by default a new process is created with each request. You can change this behavior by adding the env variable export EXECUTIONS_PROCESS=main.


The Performance difference is incredible!
Postman response before: 1500-1600ms
Postman response now: 40-50ms

Thank you!

Is there any benefit that the default setting for multi threads have?

Yes, the advantages are actually explained in the same topic here:

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