SMTP Unauthenticated email without user & password

We have a test email system (with unauthenticated mode), so it doesn’t need username & password to be supplied. But in the SMTP n8 node it has provision for username & passwd.

I have tested using using curl in below format and it works perfectly

curl --url smtp://mymail:25  --mail-from [email protected] --mail-rcpt [email protected] --upload-file mail.txt

But if I leave blank or fill some dummy user and leave password blank, the mail server rejects. Is there any way I can override the SMTP node, NOT to send username & password to the mail server?

Hi @getk, are you referring to the Send Email node here? This node would expect you to select credentials, but the username password fields could remain empty:

From taking a quick look at the code, the node would not include these fields in the connection options when these fields remain empty.

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hi @MutedJam , thank you for that. Putting Empty on both fields solved the issue