Snowflake Integration [GOT CREATED]

Hi all,

Are there any plans to add Snowflake integration?


@stutray Welcome to the community.

The more votes it has, the more chances of being created.

Can you please tell us what functionality you would require exactly? To be sure that if this node gets created, it does already what you need it to do.

Hi Ricardo,

Thanks for the reply.

It would be great to be able to connect to Snowflake and read data to push into MySql for example.

Snowflake has official drivers for odbc, jdbc, node, python, net and more.

Snowflake connections

Hi Ricarcdo,

Is there anything I can do to help get this created?

Many Thanks, Stu

@stutray working on this

Thanks Ricardo, Happy to assist with testing if needed.

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Got created. Can you please test it and provide feedback. Thanks.

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Thanks for this. Looks like we’re missing the file Snowflake.node.js ?

Not sure what you mean.

I got an error with unable to find Snowflake.node.js. Could you advise on the correct way to install this feature, I just copied the additional files but this doesn’t seem to work. Thanks

n8n is written in TypeScript. So all files have to be build first. So to “generate” the Snowflake.node.js out of the Snowflake.node.ts you have to run npm run build in the packages/nodes-base folder.

Thanks for the heads-up but i’m still having issues. Error is “local package.json exists but node_modules missing”. I must be doing something wrong. Is it possible to provide a step-by-step ?

Got released with [email protected]

So should now be easy to run.

Thanks for adding Snowflake and for pushing to 0.97.0.
All seems to work well and I shall continue testing.