Socket Hang Up

Any one have encounter this before?

Here a post from StackOverflow:

When you, as a client, send a request to a remote server, and receive no timely response.

So I would check what the service you are calling is doing and what data it expects.

Seeing that it is the second execution of the node (is execution 2/2) it seems like the first one worked. So I guess the data of the second request that gets made is significantly different. Would be worth investigating what this difference is.

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I can see from the execution log, it started the 2nd and 3rd but it still shown as 1st executions in the main:

after awhile it will give the Socket Hung Up Error

I was referring to the node running 2x in the same execution. You are however talking about totally different executions.

About the executions. Are you sure they are still running and they did not actually stop already. That can sometimes happen when there are network issue and the “information” that the workflow finished executing gets lost.
If you refresh the browser and then open “Workflow Executions” again you will then see if it is really still running or not.

Did some testing, this problem happen if I pick the Webhook to respond using “Last Node”, for some reason it did not return any result, and works fine if I just use “On Received”

Will probably adjust the flow a bit as this executions is a bit long (2 - 3 minutes), is there are limit on how long this can handle?

Ah you are calling another n8n webhook with “Last Node”. Yes that would explain it. Think the default timeout time in Node.js is 120 seconds.

What would probably better is if you do what you said and then at the end of the workflow you send the data to the calling one via HTTP Request Node to another Webhook. Then it is totally decoupled and would not cause any problem, no matter how long it takes.