Sometimes no data is being fetched when we execute the node

This happens sometimes. Like when we try to fetch the data using execute workflow option. I won’t fetch any data and shows “Data returned by this node will display here” after some time. But I’m actually triggering the stuff in another browser windows.

Happening with WooCommerece Trigger.

Sounds more like a bug with WooCommerceor the WooCommerce-Node as I am not aware of any problems with the n8n webhook code did not get changed since a long time.
Is there a way to reproduce this problem?

Yes, This can be easily reproduced.

Required Nodes:

  • WooCommerce Trigger

Execute the Workflow, Then in WooCommerce site, Place an Order. That’s it.
We can see the data some time in the Node. and sometimes not.

Happy to Share my WooCommerce Test site credentials if needed.

And, Can we share the Workflows with other peoples? Here? (

@mcnaveen If you can share the credentials of the WooCommerce site would be awesome. You can shoot me a private message so that I can look into this issue.